“To guard against catastrophic disease at a global level. To be the most trusted partner for health care. To contribute to the world’s health for a better tomorrow”


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We Know PPE

Medtecs provides effective and top quality medical gowns, disposable coveralls, face masks, and various types of PPE.

Masks, Coveralls, Gowns & PPE

Medtecs products provide effective protection for health workers against illnesses, hazards, and injuries.

Antiviral Collection of Products

We work with the best researchers and experienced partners to come up with products needed on the final frontiers of future disease control and prevention.

Customized Design

Various specialized material, such as PPSB with PE coating, PPSB + PE film, breathable PE film, or multi-layer non-woven fabric can all be applied to products to cater to specific needs.

PPE You Can Trust

Medtecs provides cutting-edge PPE that meets everyone’s safety concerns. No matter where you are and what you do, Medtecs provides the best head-to-toe protective solutions.

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2020 5-Star Service Provider

Trusted by Over 70 Million Healthcare Professionals Worldwide Since 2005.

Clement Yang

Medtecs Group chairman
"Every Steps Has Its Value"

Clement Yang 楊克誠-President of Medtecs
Medtecs Cambodia

The PPE Manufacture

With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing medical textiles, personal protective equipment, and uniforms, Medtecs has become the No. 1 supplier and manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) for well-known PPE and uniform brands worldwide. 

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Medtecs Coverall-美德醫療防護衣
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